Hello, and welcome to my website.

I took my first yoga class in 2000 and have been a dedicated student ever since.

This practice has enriched my life in countless ways and I have made it my mission to share what I know with as many people as I can.

Remember: start as you are, wherever you are. No ounce of dedication is ever wasted in this path. Be curious, be patient, trust the process. It is all worth it. Do it for you, for your family, for your community, for the world.

May we all be peaceful, happy and free. 

Living Yoga


Yoga is above all, a way of living. Yamas and Nyamas are the ethical foundations of this ancient system. 


Breath is life and the main vehicle for prana. Prana is life force, vitality. Anyone who can breathe can practice yoga.


Our body is our temple, house of the soul. Asana practice keep the physical body strong and flexible, the subtle body vibrant.


Asana and Pranayama prepare the body for sitting comfortably in meditation. Meditation starts with concentration.


Mantras and sound are powerful tools to calm the mind, change vibrational frequencies and experience connection.


Being aware of the impact of our actions, words and thoughts make every moment count.